Affordable Fees

At Acorn Chiropractic Club, we’re not afraid to be upfront with our prices. That’s because we pride ourselves in having a fee system that makes chiropractic careĀ affordable for the whole family. And best of all, no insurance is required! Choose the option that works best for your family.

1. Pay Per Visit

Not sure if a membership is right for you? No problem! Our simple per visit fee is a low flat rate no matter the nature of your appointment.

Initial Visit – $45 (includes first adjustment, if appropriate)
Regular Visit – $45

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Want to pay even less than $45 per visit? Consider our membership options below.

2. Monthly Membership

Become a member of our Chiropractic Family and get access to all the chiropractic care you will ever need. You get access to our chiropractic offices in both Petaluma, CA and Santa Rosa, CA. No need to stress about paying each visit. It’s all included! Funds are automatically debited from your bank account or charged to a credit card each month. This is by far our most popular option.

Individual – $125/month (after $100 enrollment fee)
Family* – $200/month (after $100 enrollment fee)

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3. Annual Membership

Just like the monthly membership, but pay for a year of care up front and get a free month!

Individual – $1375/year (Save $225!)
Family* – $2200/year (Save $300!)

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Other Fees & Services

X-rays (only taken when absolutely necessary): $100 per region

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*Just like the single membership, but the entire family can get care! Includes 2 parents and all dependent children living in the same household. We think it’s a pretty awesome deal!