Our Growing Chiropractic Family

Creating Our Reality

While in chiropractic college, Dr. Matt and I developed our vision for Acorn Chiropractic Club. Our desire was to create a practice where families and individuals could come and be able to afford quality chiropractic care. Our dream was to establish a family-friendly atmosphere where practice members felt like family, not patients. We have exceeded all of our expectations, goals, and dreams. Our mission has always been to have every man, woman, and child under chiropractic care for the maintenance and restoration of a properly functioning nervous system. We have now reached a crossroads where we can either limit the number of people we can serve or we can hire another chiropractor and continue to expand our vision.


The Announcement… Drum Roll Please…

We are so excited to announce that we have hired Dr. Hannah Layden to join our practice and continue to “grow our ChiroFamily!” Dr. Hannah and I met in chiropractic college. Over the years, we have grown together professionally and personally. We spent a lot of time together while we were students and we were even next door neighbors during chiropractic college. Dr. Hannah and I also went through the pediatric and prenatal chiropractic certification program together. This meant countless hours together, trips to Seattle, and lots of sightseeing. Dr. Hannah has been my chiropractor and I have been hers.

Dr. Hannah is a wife, a mama, great friend, and rockstar chiropractor. She grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She came to the states to attend undergrad in Oklahoma on a soccer scholarship where she met her husband, Cameron. After undergrad, Dr. Hannah moved to the Bay Area to attend chiropractic college in Hayward. I knew very early into our friendship that she was a good one.

Why We’re So Excited

When Dr. Matt and I realized we needed a third chiropractor in our office, we wrote a list out of all the qualities we were looking for in a chiropractor. We wanted a loving, compassionate, non-judgemental, and open chiropractor. We knew they had to be an expert in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. After much thought and consideration, the person that kept coming up in my mind was Dr. Hannah. She embodies everything Acorn Chiropractic Club stands for.

When I asked Dr. Hannah about moving to Petaluma and working with us, her excitement matched ours. She wants everyone to know that she is excited to meet our “Chiropractic Family” and give, love, and serve at Acorn Chiropractic Club!

Contact Acorn Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment and meet the newest addition to our team!